Week 6: Chicken fabrication

Hey all,

This week we are embarking on our first fabrication…..CHICKEN!!!

We will also be cooking the chicken using dry heat cooking methods, or methods that do not use liquid.

Think: roast, deep fry, shallow fry, grill, saute.

Now you may be asking…..How is frying a dry heat cooking method?  Aren’t you using a liquid?

Well, no, we are not using a liquid to cook with….we are using fat that happens to be in the pourable or melted state. So, the simplest way to explain that is that oil is not a liquid :)

Fabricating chicken can be a tricky thing…there are a lot of technical things to keep in mind. Remember, time is of the essence…but if you keep practicing, you will be able to fabricate a chicken quite quickly…although I don’t know if you’ll ever be as fast as this guys: (ps. click below to see an awesome video)

Martin Yan Chicken Fabrication

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